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"Rajasthan's extravagant palaces, forts and finely carved temples today comprise one of the country's richest crop of historic monuments....."
- Rough Guide

"Awash with grandiose palaces, battle-scarred forts, windswept deserts, and some of the most vivid turbans ever to be seen, Rajasthan—Land of the Kings—is India at its colorful best..."
- National Geographic's Traveler

Rajasthan - Relive India's Rich Heritage and Culture !

Embarking on Rajasthan tours renders you an opportunity to experience rich heritage, participate in colourful fairs and festivals, witness gorgeous palaces, magnificent forts, and stroll the magnificent lakes that makes it surpass other tourist destinations in India. Indeed, the state of Rajasthan contributes largely in making India, incredible.
  • Feel the vibrancy of Rajasthan’s rich heritage
  • Stroll lush forests and devour its varied wildlife
  • Relive the tale of bygone era with grandiose monuments
  • Experience unbridled excitement in its culture and heritage
Once experienced, you will never forget the golden sand dunes coupled with rich wildlife of Rajasthan.  The gorgeous 'Pink City' of Jaipur is indeed laudable from tourism point of view. That’s why more than 290 lakh international and domestic tourists visit Rajasthan round the year. We at Travelogy India make sure that you spend a memorable Rajasthan holiday vacation while promisingly delivering safe, secure, and hassle free Rajasthan travel.

Let’s get acquainted with Rajasthan!
Rajasthan represents the valour of the past even in the contemporary times. As the corridors of India resound with Rajasthan’s heroism and romance, you can never run short of experiencing magnificent sand dunes, attractive desert safaris, and rich varied wildlife. Even if you are one of those skeptical travelers to the Indian vicinities, Rajasthan tourism is bound to elevate your enthusiasm.

What’s assured in Rajasthan!
One of the most enchanting destinations in the Indian context, Rajasthan tourism is indeed magnificent in every aspect. You can opt for any of the enthralling activities conducted in the corridors of Rajasthan.
  • Enthralling Safaris on Horses, Camels, Elephants, or Jeeps
  • Witness the Magnificent Sand Dunes, Tiger Trails, and Exquisite Birds
  • Get pampered in the lavish heritage properties
Rajasthan enthralls every kind of traveler aptly

  Rajasthan Travel Attractions  
Palace On Wheels
The most popular train amongst the foreign tourists.
Jaisalmer Fort
The golden hued fort is a sentinel to the bleak desert....
Pushkar Camel Fair
Pushkar fair has its own magic and it's a lifetime experience for travellers.
Lake Palace
The Lake Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces in the world.
Tiger Tour

Ranthambore National Park is famous for its Tigers
Amber Fort, Jaipur
Amber fort was once the treasure repository of Kacchwaha rulers.
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Rajasthan USP!
Rajasthan Palaces
Rajasthan formidable monuments are abound with tales of heroism and its indomitable resounding romantic fervour majestically represents the bygone era. Indeed, you can never miss on the magic of vibrant Rajasthan. Exciting desert safaris, shining sand-dunes, amazing forests, varied wildlife, rich heritage, magnificent forts, and unique people are specialties to name a few.
All this makes Rajasthan a destination unparalleled in the Indian context. Rajasthan is rightly represented as one of the most enchanting Indian tourist spots with its relics so well preserved delighting even the keenest traveler.

Incredible Destination for Outdoor Tourist!
Incredible RajasthanUnbridled fun with safaris on horses, camels, elephants or even in jeeps are so enthralling that it woes even the most disenchanted travelers. Set in the Aravalis amidst the India's oldest mountain range as the backdrop, Rajasthan is simply irresistible. Gorgeous sand-dunes, tiger trails, or bird watching in the wetlands are some of the activities in the vicinities of Rajasthan. What's more, devour the lavish heritage properties.

Rajasthan Fair & Festivals
Fair & Festival RajasthanThe Rajasthani Festivals are a part of their rich culture. Men, Women and childern clad in colourful and new attires, bazaars selling a variety of exotic gift items, programs of folk dance and music are sights to remember for a life time. Witnessing popular fairs and festivals like Pushkar fair, Urs fair, Nagaur festival and Brij festival are no less than exciting feast to attend.

Rajasthan Wildlife - Enchanting & Majestic
Wildlife rajasthanWith handsome number of wildlife Sanctuaries and National parks, Rajasthan Wildlife attracts loads of wildlife lovers from every nook and corner of the world. Right from the ferocious tigers to the suave peacocks, you get every opportunity to get enthralled in wake of rich wildlife of Rajasthan. On the top of it, you also get an opportunity to interact with the endangered Black Bucks along with other attractions. Get ready for some adrenalin pumping in the deep jungles and devour the best wildlife in the vicinities of Rajasthan thus elevating your spirits beyond imagination. Don’t forget the Ranthambhore National Park, exclusively famous for its elegant tigers.

Music and Dance - Elevate your Spirit! 
Dance RajashtanSince Rajasthan experienced many battles in the past, its rich history cannot be undermined under any circumstances. This is what makes its music and dance more than appealing. Witnessing its music and dance, you can easily unearth secrets of Indian culture in an apt way. What’s more, you can get enthralled with its folk culture and village life. Rajasthan's cultural tapestry is extremely rich and appealing evolved in its own distinct style with passage of time.

The Incredible Architecture of Rajasthan
Architecture of RajasthanWith amazing architectural heritage coupled with and majestic forts and magnificently carved temples and havelis, Rajasthan is a paradise indeed. In fact, the desert state represents irony and extremes at the same time. As the city has been built by the Rajputs, dotted with Aravali landscape makes it even more worthwhile and significant. Lake Palace Hotel, Jantar Mantar, Dilwara Temples, City Palace, Chittaurgarh Fort, and Jaisalmer havelis are to name a few.

Unique People
Unique People of RajasthanWith indigenous populace including the Minas and Meo in Jaipur, Alwar, Bharatpur, and Dholpur areas, there is a wide variety of peoples in the vicinities of Rajasthan. You can interact with the Banjaras as a community of travelling tradesmen and artisans and interact with the Gadia Lohar, ironsmith (lohar), recognized for roaming in bullock carts. What’s more, you can interact with the Bhils, the oldest peoples in India living places such as Udaipur, Bhilwara, Chittaurgarh, Banswara, Dungarpur, and Sirohi. Then there are Muslims along with Rajputs, though these communities are marginally low.

Rajasthan Cuisines
Rajasthan CuisinesIn the vicinities of Rajasthan, you can never run short of mouth watering cuisines. You can always experience Rajasthan’s rich delights stretching from folk based cuisines to contemporary delights.

Nature Cure Centres
Nature Cure CentresRajasthan is recognized for its nature cure centres as well. With traditional health-care system at its best, you can always enjoy naturopathy and the Vedic approach to health like never before. With considerable number of nature cure and yoga centres, Rajasthan is recognized for its amazing capacity to enthrall travelers coming to its vicinities. We at Travelogy India make sure that you get the best of Rajasthan tour in every way. In fact, this is what makes us lead in the Indian travel industry.